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Julie Piazza-King, Director, Family Life Child Care Program, on Parenting a Shy Child

As parents, we understand that developing social skills at an early age, prepares our children for their future and allows them to thrive. Because parents see the importance of helping their child interact and bond with family, friends and society, parents of a shy child often ask if his/her shyness is normal. In the majority of cases, shyness in young children is normal and most children will eventually grow out of it. There are many things that parents and caregivers can do to "bring children out of their shell". The most effective way to help your child feel more comfortable interacting with others and participating in group situations is to allow it to happen gradually. Overwhelming children with multiple social situations all at once, when they are not ready for them, will only cause them to withdraw even more. Read here for tips on how to help your child overcome their shyness gradually, which will create a long-lasting and positive outcome.




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