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Looking for High Quality Child Care?

Family Life Child Care offers high quality child care in the Cleveland area. You already know how important it is to find high quality child care that is dependable and reliable and where your child can reach their fullest potential. After all, if they can't be in your care, you want them in the best possible hands. Consider these important factors when looking for child care for your children and print off the Choosing Quality Child Care Checklist for a detailed list of questions to ask when looking for a quality child care center.

Does the center have a philosophy explaining their approach to the care of children, learning and development?

The philosophy that guides a quality child care facility will have an impact on your child's learning, development and independence, so you want to be sure their philosophy reinforces what you value. Ask to see their philosophy and make sure you are comfortable with their approach.
Family Life Center Philosophy

Licenses & Accreditations
Does the child care center meet minimum state qualifications or go beyond?

State licensing laws require all facilities to meet minimum quality standards in order to operate legally. These standards assure the physical and developmental safety and well being of your child and require that someone inspects the facility each year.
Programs that are accredited by organizations have met or exceeded voluntary child care standards that are higher than most state licensing requirements. By becoming accredited the facility guarantees superior quality in child care and learning standards for your child.
Family Life Centers Licenses and Accreditations

Does the child care facility offer a safe and stimulating environment?

A quality environment will encourage creative play and learning from how they structure their facility. Child care centers that offer developmentally appropriate activities and play opportunities for each age level enhance each stage of growth through both structured and free time. If the center provides meals, it is important that proper nutritional guidelines are met to help aid your child’s physical development as well.
Family Life Center environment

What sort of curriculum does the center follow?

After all, you should expect any provider to help your child grow and thrive, not just to baby sit! In a quality program, the model of curriculum used is vital in determining content and in training and supervising staff. The best child care programs will apply a research-based curriculum in order to provide the highest quality.
Family Life Center curriculum

What level of education and training does the staff have?

Keep in mind that caregivers with certain experience may enhance your child’s learning. A quality center that requires teachers to attend in-service training or encourages involvement in related activities will have caregivers who have better knowledge of the newest teaching and development practices and have the most up to date skills.
Family Life Center staff

Does the Center offer information regarding the number of children being supervised by each adult?

It is important for children to receive plenty of attention, so the smaller the child-to-caregiver ration, the better for your child. Maintaining a low ratio is most important for your infant and the ratio of adults to children can be increased as your child gets older. Studies show that babies need an adult to child ratio of no more than 1:4, while four-year-olds can do well with a ratio of 1:10.
Family Life Center ratios

Does the center welcome parents and communicate with them?

A positive relationship between caregivers and parents, as well as caregivers and children is important to for consistent care for your child. You should feel free to visit you child in the program at any time and be involved in day-to-day learning and development. Likewise, it is important that the facility notifies parents of any problems that arise and parents should feel free to discuss any concerns with the facility staff.
Family Life Center communications



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